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This wiki is dedicated to everything related to the LittleDragon's series of fictions. Yumegami Saga Wiki is LittleDragon's creation, that anyone can edit! but must according to my information and permission.
Please help by editing or adding articles and my stories. We currently have made 11,216 edits, created 589 articles, and uploaded about 2,904 images on this wiki, since its creation on November 09, 2015.

The wiki may contained some same information adapted from the original or fan-like rewritten. Simply, just a fandom wiki like the other fan-made wiki. This wiki DON'T OWN ANYTHING, all copyright belong to the original works. You are free to edit my OC Characters and even stories/fanfictions to the wiki with the exact information by me on other website plus permission. You can also be kind to edit on grammar or spellings errors due kinda busy around these days.

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Leticia Draculea
Current Fiction : Senki Zesshō Symphogear New Era
"Millay Shirley, Clyna Hiyoku, Syrine Tsuko and ― Lynné Utau.

The Girls who were at the mercy of fate , those who clad by their FG Type 「Symphogear」. Numerous passing through the many battles, the decisive battle all gathered at the land. Stipulated the 「Kadingir」 Tower , the huge monitoring device for jamming the mutual understanding of the human race at the Curse of Balal, the 「Moon」.

The plot of Priestess known as Finé, who which was behind the scenes for several thousand years on the other side of human history is ― to destroy the moon , it was to regain the only "Unified language" of the gods. However, the destruction of the Moon, is the beginning of the disintegration of gravity balance , it will cause the planetary scale disaster . To the looming threat 「Lunar Attack」 , the girls who sing the Swan songs, burned their life ,It was the echoing to loudly from their heart, in the sky."

After a year from that incident, starting in Autumn, our gear users are back in action again and this time they facing a whole different encounter which happened to be from the other world, the world of celestial spirits, vampires, demons and other kinds of species lied within.

The 「Demon Lords」 came to judge that whether of Humanity had the rights to live, and the chosen ones are the girls who clad in Symphogear and sing in battle. Bring you by a new beginning, new lives, new enemies, new songs, and a unexpected character back in the game!

Spectra 3
Current Fiction : ≪Bakugan Series≫
The year when Mechtogan attacked Earth, it was few months when we see Dan and Drago again. They were greeted with his friends and friends from Vestal too which stated that their Vestal Friends were given by a mission to search for their long-lost royal family that were thought to be dead in an assassination.

They were soon informed by Nurzak from Gundalia and Fabia from Neathia that a new threat is becoming stronger and the resistance that were fighting the threat are getting more disadvantage.

The threat was a lifeform called "Devourer" (侵食者) and they are planning to destroy the worlds, there were reports that many worlds has been destroyed by the "Devourers" in the past few years. However, at the same time, there were reports that witnessing a force of fighting against the threat and were Magic-wielding humans, they called them "Mage".

Just after that, Dan and Drago were asked by Genesis to find his apprentices that might help them defend the worlds with more advantages and chances. Genesis described his apprentices by one human with two bakugans which are twin dragons.

Now Dan their top proirity is to defend the worlds from being destroy by the Devourers, to find the resistance and Genesis's apprentice at the same time?!

«Main Series not publish yet»

Natsu Tartarus

Current Fiction : Fairy Tail Movie : Demon Lord Judgment
The story has two volumes, the first volume just finished and vol 2 is on preparations. "After Natsu them surprised what they heard from the spirit known as Tohka Yatogami AKA "Princess", Natsu defeated Tohka with his Secret Art however it is only the beginning of Demon Lord - Black Percher's plan.

While Team A were fighting Tohka, the others managed to proceed with Mavis's plan due an unexpected person arrived to [Binah]'s room in [Dark Mythicalia] which forced Black Percher to order the other spirits to assist Kurumi.

That unexpected person was revealed to be Demon Lord - Dhampir! Her appearance made the Crime Sorcière astonished. She was identical to the First master of Fairy Tail, Mavis Vermilion. After Jellal them escaped, she was able to defeated all the remaining spirits by herself.

Later, the Demon Lord changed her appearance which confirmed she is Mavis Vermilion?! As the battle still presume, Natsu them are about to witness the first phase of Black Percher's plan?!"

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