Vampire Killer Magic
Kanji 吸血種の殺し魔法
Romaji 'Kyūketsushu no Koroshi Mahou'
Also Known as Blood Dhampir
(Buraddo Damupīru)
Element Death
Types Lost Magic
Caster Magic
User/s Mavis Vermilion
First Appearance Fairy Tail Movie : Demon Lord Judgement
Vampire Killer Magic AKA Blood Dhampir is a Lost Magic and Caster Magic that taken over by Mavis from the Former Demon Lord·Dhampir.


This is the power that can evenly matches the power of Luchia's Black Death, that could also nullified her magic on her body.

Just like other slayer magics do, her magic is intended to kill Vampire, Succubus or Dhampir (which are similar to Vampire). This allows her to be invulnerable too, but comes with the blow of Black Death's spells, her damages (injuries) on her body doesn't heal fast which suggested that her healing magic will be nullified with a magic that equally matches hers. Her magic is also can be categorized as a variant magic of Devil Slayer Magic, but was rejected by Luchia who stated even thought Vampire can be noted as a devil but can be categorized with the others because this is the one-of-a-kind power that only could obtained by taking over a Demon Lord.

Just like other Slayer Magics do, the user need to consume its element so can replenish their powers, because is a magic derived from Vampire so Mavis consumes others' blood to replenish her strengths.


Basic Spells

Offense Spells


  • She used all three demons' name for attacks; Vampire, Succubus and Dhampir.
  • All spells used are most are offense purpose so far.
  • The Magic is formerly used by the Demon Lord·Dhampir, itself.