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Serial Fiction : Story Route 01
Senki Zesshō Symphogear New Era
「戦姫絶唱 シンフォギア NEW ERA」
Kanji 戦姫絶唱シンフォギア New Era
Romaji Senki Zesshō Shinfogia Nyū Era
Dubbed Swan Song of the Valkyries Symphogear New Era
Genre Shōjō, Action, Romance, Music, Sci-Fic
Author NightmareLorelei
Illustrator NightmareLorelei
Chapters 12
Publisher NightmareLorelei
Preceded by Senki Zesshō Cross Fight B-Daman
Succeeded by N/A

Senki Zesshō Symphogear New Era is the third season preceded after Senki Zesshō Cross Fight B-Daman. It publish date is October 1st 2016.

Plot Summary

"Millay Shirley, Clyna Hiyoku, Syrine Tsuko and ― Lynné Utau.

The Girls who were at the mercy of fate , those who clad by their FG Type 「Symphogear」. Numerous passing through the many battles, the decisive battle all gathered at the land. Stipulated the 「Kadingir」 Tower , the huge monitoring device for jamming the mutual understanding of the human race at the Curse of Balal, the 「Moon」.

The plot of Priestess known as Finé, who which was behind the scenes for several thousand years on the other side of human history is ― to destroy the moon , it was to regain the only "Unified language" of the gods. However, the destruction of the Moon, is the beginning of the disintegration of gravity balance , it will cause the planetary scale disaster . To the looming threat 「Lunar Attack」 , the girls who sing the Swan songs, burned their life ,It was the echoing to loudly from their heart, in the sky."

After a year from that incident, starting in Autumn, our gear users are back in action again and this time they facing a whole different encounter which happened to be from the other world, the world of celestial spirits, vampires, demons and other kinds of species lied within.

The 「Demon Lords」 came to judge that whether of Humanity had the rights to live, and the chosen ones are the girls who clad in Symphogear and sing in battle. Bring you by a new beginning, new lives, new enemies, new songs, and a unexpected character back in the game!

『In this Dimension, not just only you humans live!』" --- Leticia


Original Characters

Cross Fight Saga

  • Riki Ryugasaki
  • Samuru Shigami
  • Kamon Day
  • Bakuga Shira



List of Chapters

No. Title Airdate
SNE01 New Assailant Oct 1st 2016
SNE02 Threat of Humanity Oct 28th 2016
SNE03 Opera of Dark Melody Nov 09th 2016
SNE04 Things that you believed in Dec 09th 2016
SNE05 The day before the Dark Storm Dec 15th 2016
SNE06 Uncovering the Veil of Truth
SNE07 Reincarnation
SNE08 Swond and Bow, Once Again
SNE09 Blades of ZABABA, Once Again
SNE10 Challenge
SNE11 Unfold the Tale
SNE12 Shrine of Chandra



  • In the story, these are the pairs of the main girls and the boys are currently dating.
    • Lynné X Samuru
    • Millay X Riki
    • Clyna X Kamon
    • Syrine X Bakuga