Riki POV

Two days after the Zwei Wing's concert, my mind and heart can't stop pounding, Zwei Wing was the best!!!  And I'm sleeping on my comfortable bed and fluffy pillow in my room. It's still 9.00am, mom gives me the limit of sleeping at 10.00am. I'm sleepy after that amazing live concert.

Dracyan : Riki, you should wake up, you have enough sleeping. And by the way, aren't you forget something that you and Samuru's?

"...."    "AH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I forgot! I promised Samuru that I'm gonna be at WBMA at 9.30am!" ― Riki

Dracyan : Yeah. I guess.

"I'm better hurry! From East city need 25 minutes to arrive to WBMA, I'm gotta do everything in 5 minutes?! Hurry up! .... " ― Riki

Dracyan : Uh... *Sigh* (   -_- lll)


Samuru POV

(~ Entrance of WBMA, 9.36am. ~)

It already passed 6 minutes, Where is that Riki?

Kamon : Already six minutes, where is Riki anyway?

Misuru : Vroom! Vroom!! May be he overslept.

Yuki : That Riki? Well, I suspect it already though.

Ken : Yeah. After that amazing live concert, he must be having a good nap last night.

Simon : Kisha! Let's just go in already! I'm inching for some battle! *Get annoyed*

??? : Minna!!

Then a figure is running towards our direction, is Riki. Finally.

Samuru : Riki.

Dravise : You're late!

Riki : Sorry, just that...

Dracyan : He was so happy even after the live concert, so he take a late sleep last night.

Yuki : As expected. *Tease tone*

Riki : Hahaha... You got me.

Garuburn : Not just you.

Kamon : Everyone was the same too.

Riki : *Relieved* ...

Kamon : just we doesn't take a late night.

Riki : You meant that?

Novu : Now then let's go in to battle arena already.

Dragren : We better up our game.

Drazeros : So we won't be left out.

Basara : From Ryuken them.

Riki : Um.

Samuru : So then, let's go.

We walks towards to the WBMA, just a few kilometer away from the entrance door. We chat as we walks toward the door.  Then Dravise and Dracyan them sense something up when we almost there.

Dravise : Um?

Dracyan : This feeling...

Riki : Eh? Dracyan?

Samuru : What's wrong?

Novu : Dragren?

Dragren : I feel something up.

Drazeros : Yeah. Me too.

Garuburn : I felt the same thing.

Tankshell : It seems there's something or some one nearby.

Bakuga : But something familiar.

All : ??

Kamon : Something familiar? What's that?

Novu : Derek.

Derek : Tiger-sniffing, .... there's some one over there! *Pointing at the entrance door*

We can't really see the entrance door goodly, because there's a fountain in front of the door so we need to bend our waist to 45° angle to see. Then we saw a figure, we watch a bit closely as the vision gotten clearly.

We saw the figure is actually is a girl? Having a blue hair with midnight blue changing at the middle, she styled half of her hair to a side-ponytail, has dark blue eyes. She wears a light sky blue turtle-neck,long sleeved shirt and a darker teal colored dress, light sky blue tights, black teal knee-length boots. She just standing in front of the door, She's kinda feel familiar, as we watch more closely, then our mind just ding-dong!

All : ????!!!!

"*Whisper* Rinne?!?!?!" ― Riki, Kamon, Samuru         "Why she's here?" ― Novu

Dracyan : Isn't it good, Riki?

Dravise : You all have a chance to talk to Rinne now she's here.

Riki : Well that's right. But how I gonna talk to her now she's an idol?

Rinne : ... *Go into the WBMA*

As we talk, Rinne went into the WBMA.

Kamon : Ah! Rinne went in.

Misuru : Vroom! Vroom!! Let's go in too!

All : *Agreed* *Except Simon*

We went into the WBMA, but most mysterious thing that Rinne just went into the WBMA  but she's gone. We went to the hallway too but doesn't see any sight of Rinne.

Riki : Eh? Where's she goes?

Misuru : Don't tell me she knows a hidden technique?

Kamon : There's no way she can do that, well even that old man (mean Genjuro) that's strong but he's not a ninja. (= v =lll) *bitter smile*

Riki : But I think she's - *Bumped into someone*

??? : Ah!*Bump into Riki*

Riki : *Fell down* Ahyo! What's was that all about?

??? : That's hurt. Oh, sorry for the bumping into you.

Riki : Eh?

All : ?!!!

We saw the person who bumped into Riki is a girl, older than us a bit, she had fluffy red hair and eyes. Wait! She is!

All : EH?!

Riki : You're a member of Zwei Wing!!!

??? : Ah, yeah. I'm called Kanade, Kanade Otoha. Nice to meet'cha.

Riki : Kanade...

Kamon : Otoha...

Kanade : *Get up*

Riki : *Get up* Ano...

Kanade : ???

"Kanade, you're here, what are you doing here?" ― ???

All : ???

Our sight went to behind Kanade, then we saw a girl having a blue hair with midnight blue changing at the middle, she styled half of her hair to a side-ponytail, has dark blue eyes. She wears a light sky blue turtle-neck,long sleeved shirt and a darker teal colored dress, light sky blue tights, black teal knee-length boots. It's Rinne.

Rinne : Kanade, we better... ?! Riki?!

Riki : Rinne!

Kanade : Oh. So these are the guys that Ryukai and Rinne talking about.

Kamon : No way, you know Ryukai too?

Kanade : Um. I'm his classmate.

Kamon : Heh~ *Surprise*

Riki : Rinne, can meet you again. I'm happy, how were you? ... Eh?

Rinne kinda act weird than before, she seems be frighten, shy, she went behind to Kanade.

Riki : Eh?

All : ???

Dragren : What's with that?

Kanade : Ah, Oh yeah, sorry, Rinne always been a clumsy, shy, little cry baby. I think she may caused some problems to you guys. And she kinda feel bad to you guys.

All : ???!

Novu : Clumsy?

Samuru : Shy?

Yuki : Little cry baby?!

Rinne : *Blush, felt a little bit embarrassed*

Riki : Ano... why she's feels bad to us?

Kanade : Well, c'mon, she kinda act arrogant and bossy to guys before right? Well, that's not really her personality.

Ken : Not really her personality?

Kanade : Yeah, because she's the leader of a big gang, she can't be a little baby, so she force herself to act arrogant, cool person.

Riki : Well, Rinne. We doesn't care much about that.

Rinne : *Peek out abit* Really?

Riki : Um. *Smile*

Rinne : Ahha... *smile, relieved*

Yuki : That's a really cute reaction.

Rinne : Eh?! *Blush, embarrassed* *Hide again*

Yuki : Look. *a bit tease tone*

Novu :  Yeah, Rinne feels different than before alot.

Jenta : Well that's of course, because there's no more trouble about the gangs anymore.

Tankshell : so she revert back to old and true self again.

Riki : Isn't good? And by the way, we like the true you. Rinne always be Rinne.

Rinne : ...*Blush*

Kanade : *Giggles* Huhhuhu, so that's you guys' b-damans?

Riki : Huh.. Yeah.

Kanade : Can I have a look?

Kamon : Sure, but Kanade-san don't have a b-daman of your own?

Kanade : Nope. But I loves to watch b-damans battle than playing it.

Rinne : Kanade, let's go already, if we don't go now, we're gonna be late.

Kanade : C'mon, Rinne, just hang out for thirty minutes. and I'll go.

Rinne : Kanade~

Riki : You're already gotta go?

Dracyan : Where?

Kanade : Go for some photograph jobs and commercials. That's all. No a big deal.

Rinne : No, its a really big deal, we have already late for one hour for those. If we don't go, they're gonna cancel it.

Yuki : Wait, you said one hour?!

Bakuga : You two should be there already.

Kanade : Its fine.

Rinne : Not fine at all! Jeez, Kanade always like this stalling time for works.

Kanade : It's really fine.

Rinne : Kanade~ Jeez, Kanade always mean to me.

All : ??? *Surprise*

Dravise : Rinne surprising childish.

Kanade: Right? Oh, so this a hybrid type b-daman.

"Yeah, Garuburn is the ...." ― Kamon      "Really? ..." ― Kanade

As those two talking, everyone's sight focusing on them, but I saw a left out Rinne, she seems thinking something else than jobs.

Rinne : ... *Leave the party*

Samuru : ?

Rinne POV

I'm leave them and walks into the garden of the WBMA, I'm do worries about the jobs and Kanade, but I more concern other thing than Kanade and the jobs.

Rinne : *Sat on a bench near fountain* Huh... *Sigh*

??? : Rinne, thinking something else do you?

Rinne : Nah, but I can't really lied to Wavern isn't it?

Wavern : Tell me, what's been bothering you lately?

Is Wavern, a newly evolved Wavern. I upgraded her myself, and also nii-san tachi (Brothers them) and nee-san.

Wavern : Is it that request of Mr Glazer?

Rinne : Mr Glazer...

"Mr Glazer is the producer of Metro Music. He once was Mother's manager and the one who ask her to be an idol and also the one who offered to bring me onto the international stage just after our first live concert as Zwei Wing. " ― Rinne

Wavern : Why you wouldn't agree?

Rinne : Well that's...

Wavern : Is it you can't sing in front of many people alone?

Rinne : Yes. I'm really a little baby like Kanade said, she always mean to me, but ...

Wavern : ...

Rinne : If Kanade not here with me, she won't tease me anymore. I hate like that. I just want to sing with Kanade, that's all. I never thought to sing on to a international stage on my own.

Wavern : Rinne, you know what Kanade will say if she's here. She will say ...

Rinne : "I won't always be there with you, Rinne. You actually can sing by yourself on the stage, you don't need to relied one me." like that. Kanade always said like that.

May be Kanade's right, or I don't have any courage to sing my own song either.

"What are you doing here by yourself?" ― ???

Rinne : Eh?

Then 5 figures shown up, its Samuru, Riki, Kamon, Novu and Bakuga.

Rinne : Minna...

Riki : We heard a lot from Kanade-san.

Rinne : Is that so.

~ Flaskback ~

"I know Rinne the most. After Raine died, Rinne always relying on me or always want to sing or be with me. She's sure is a clumsy, sky, crybaby." ―Kanade


Rinne : Kanade sure mean to me.

Riki : Hehehe...

Rinne : Me and Kanade are childhood friends. We're always been together all thanks to mother. Mother was Kanade's mentor. Kanade also the one who asked me to join her and sing with her as her partner.

Riki  : Really?

Rinne : Um. But just after our live concert, the producer of Metro Music, Mr Glazer asked me to perform a solo live on my own and even offer to bring me to international stage after that.

Kamon : Woah! That's awesome! You're gonna be awesome!

Rinne : *smile* Well, I already denied his offer and request.

Bakuga : Eh? Why?

Raydra : It was a great chance to be international idol right away.

Rinne : At first, I only just have the thoughts of singing with Kanade, that's all. But never thought that it would be a big deal.

Dravise : Rinne, may I ask you?

Rinne : Well, what is it? Dravise

Dravise : Why you can sing alone on the stage, I sure there's a lot of people who want to hear your songs.

Rinne : A lot of people who want to hear my song?...

Kamon : Uh? Ah!

All : ?! *surprise*

Samuru : Oi, what with the yelling? *anger*

Kamon : This is ... Wavern!?!?! *pointing at Wavern who is placing beside me*

All : Eh?!

Dracyan : So you're Wavern?

Wavern : Looky here, already forgot how I look like after 4 month.

Riki : So that's a newly evolved Wavern?

Rinne : *Hold up Wavern* Yeah. I upgraded myself, well since seems Helios them want a new evolution, I thought I also upgraded Wavern too.

Dragren : Hydranoid and the others also evolved?

Rinne : Um. *Smile*

Riki : *Look closely* And your the one who upgraded them?

Rinne : ... (  0_0lll) Yeah.

Novu : What a talent you have.

Riki : Heh... Oh yeah, what is her name now?

Wavern  : My new name is Infinity Wavern.

Samuru : Infinity... means infinite.

Kamon : That's awesome! Hey, Rinne! Let's battle!

Rinne : Eh? Now?

Riki : Yeah, may be you realized something when you're battle of what's your song meant for.

Rinne : What's my song meant for? Huh! *Realized*

Rinne : Thanks Riki! Minna.

I started to ran, because I realized what Riki said before.

Riki : Rinne!?

Dracyan : Where are you going?!

Rinne : Some where I need to go!

Novu : May be she found something in Riki's words.

Bakuga : It seems that.

Then I stopped because I forgot something I need to do to Riki them.

Rinne : *Stopped*

All : ???

Riki : Rinne?

Rinne : *Waving hands* Meet you all next time! *start running again*

All : ?!!

Dravise : She had changed compared with before.

Dracyan : Um! The new Rinne is the true Rinne now. She sure will find out what is her song meant for.

 That's right, what is really my song existed for. That's !


Riki POV

The day after the day we met Kanade-san and met Rinne again. I glad Rinne feeling well. But I forgot to ask her about Millay, I wonder how she feel now?

Riki : *Lying on the bed* ...

Dracyan : Riki...

Riki's mother : Riki!  *knocking the door*

Riki : Yes?

Riki's Mother : *Come in* There's a letter for you, let me see... there's no name.

Riki : Wait, Really?

I take the letter and see, there's really no name on it so I looked inside and saw a ticket?

Riki : A Ticket?

Dracyan : What is that ticket?

Riki : Pop Festival, wait isn't this Rinne?! *a picture of Rinne singing on the back of the ticket.*

Dracyan : What?

Could this be from Rinne?

Riki's Mother : Oh yeah, Riki, you friends had come.

Riki : Eh?

"RIKI!!"  ― Kamon          "Vroom! Vroom!!" ― Misuru     "Oi!" ― Ken

Riki : Eh?! *Surprised* What with you guys?

Kamon : Riki  did you get a ticket in a letter?

Riki : You mean this? *Hold up the ticket*

Misuru : Vroom! Vroom!! So you do have it!

Ken : We all got this today, we were wondering if the others got this too.

Garuburn : The result is that everyone have the tickets to the Pop Festival.

Kamon : Could this ticket mean Rinne ....

Riki : Um!

Dracyan : If she performing for her solo live, that mean she accepted the offer to bring her to the international stage.

Garuburn : Congrats for her.

Riki : Finally, Rinne gonna make her first step.

Garuburn : When is the pop festival will be?

Ken : It said three days later and held in MC Stadium, (Music Concert Stadium) the stadium before.

Kamon : Alright! Then everyone let's cheer for Rinne!

~Three days later ~

We're here at the conferences hall of MC Stadium at night, because Rinne's the head liner, so her show is the last and the best. We all here to cheer for Rinne.

All : *Chat*

"Yo!" ― ???

Then a girl with fluffy red hair and eyes walks towards us, is Kanade-san.

Riki : Kanade-san!

Kanade : So everyone come here just for cheering Rinne?

Kamon : Of course!

Dravise : How could we don't come to Rinne's first and solo live? Right, Samuru?

Samuru : Yeah.

Rory : Rinne-san what will she wears?

Sumi : It must be very beautiful!

Riki : Hehehe...

Then the light off and a spotlight shine on a figure who's walking to the stage, is Rinne.

"OHHH!!!!" ― Audience

Rinne POV

「 ------- Music ------- 」

A sensation like déjà vu, a platonic love like a restraint.
I'm wishing that our overlapping memories are reaching you.
It's like we were drawn to each other by gravity without a single millimeter of distance.
This song shot in the very center of my heart.

Embrace me... With this sin...
We shall make a promise as our hands entwine.

~ Flashback ~

Mr Glazer : Um? You're saying you had reconsider about my offer?

Rinne : Yes, sorry for my selfish attitude for denying your request and offer, but now I know what my songs are existed and what for. That's why... That's why! *Serious*

Mr Glazer : ...

~ End ~

Please, my star... Somehow, now...
Ah, play the wind of traveling wings.

Sumi : Rinne!!!

Hugo : Roar!!!~

Riki : Mystery~

Now, it's starting! This starting symphony will become a legend from here on out.
This live concert of light is our synchronicity.

Now, let's make an amazing miracle happen. We just have to at least touch it.

~ Flash back ~

Mr Glazer : I always been waiting for your answer.

Rinne : Eh?

Mr Glazer : There's still 3 more days til the Pop Festival, but if you can promise that you can make a song of your own, it will be a contract agreement.

Rinne : Ah~ *Happy/Excited* I'll do my best!

~ End ~

I'm sure it's a story as simple as that. Believe in my road. NightmareLorelei (talk) 10:02, December 4, 2015 (UTC)」

"OHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" ― Audience

Rinne : Thank you everyone!

"OHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" ― Audience

Sumi : Rinne is the best!

Riki : Mystery!!!

Kamon : You'sure crank up the heat!!

Hugo / Derek : ROOOOAR!!!!!!!

"It was wonderful to once again be able to put all I have into my song in my first solo live!" ― Rinne

"YAYYYY AHHHH OHHHH!!!!!!!!" ― Audience

I looked up then take deep breath before I speak,

"... It's been too long since I felt this way. I almost forgot what it was like. May be after my mom's death, I afraid my songs would hurt everyone so I stopped singing but it's not. Actually the truth is I didn't want to hurt myself anymore so I stopped singing, but that is my selfishness and my cowardliness. But now I don't afraid to sing anymore, now I remember how much I love to sing! I love to sing for everyone who comes to hear me!

You may have heard that I received an offer to sing overseas. It was just after my first live as Zwei Wing, I was also surprise myself that just can sing on the international stage, it once was my child dream. I once wasn't sure why I even sang at all... But now I know that I want my songs to reach as many people as possible! Even if they don't understand the words, of there's something I can convey with my songs, I want to sing to all the people of the world! " ― Rinne

"OHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!" ― Audience

All : *Clapped hands*

Kamon : That's was good!...

Riki : Hahaha... *Happy*

Kanade : Fu fummm. *smile*

"I kept on singing believing that my songs could help others, but from now on, I want to sing for myself as well. Because I love singing so much! This is the one thing I want for myself, so please hear me out. Please allow me this." ― Rinne

" Of course they'll allow you. " ― Raine, a voice that flowing in my head

Rinne : ?!!!! *Surprise*

" YEAHHHHHHHHH!!!!! " ― Audience

As I heard everyone's voice replying to me, I don't know why my tears are flowing down. I don't know my self either.

" *Dry a bit of the tears* Thank You! Really Thank you!!! " ― Rinne

All : *clap hands*

Kamon : You will! Rinne!

Misuru : Vroom!! Vroom!!!

Sumi : We'll gonna cheer for you, forever!!!

Dravise : How could we never let this kind Rinne sings?

Dracyan : Um!

Riki : Rinne! Do your best! I sure that everyone in this world will sure heard your song!

Rinne : *Continued crying but smiling*

Mom, I'm fine. All thanks to you, I could make it this far, so I could stand on this stage, so I could sing on this stage! That's why I gonna continued fulfill my dream, so everyone in the world could hear the voice that mom given to me, so they could hear more mom's voice!

"Thank you, mother." ― Rinne

* That's clumsy, shy and little cry baby, Rinne could shine like this brightly, she will might shine just like you, Raine-san. She sure will. * "Thank you for everything, Raine-san. *smile*" ― Kanade

As the confernces hall continued to be warm for Rinne, outside the hall, Mr Glazer is leaving.

Shinji : Mr Glazer!

Mr Glazer : Uh? *looked back*  You? If you'll excuse me, I must be off. Things are going to be pretty hectic from now on.

Shinji : Uh?! *surprise* *Then bowing to Mr Glazer* Please take care of Utau Rinne's dream!

Mr Glazer : *Smile* Hahahahahaha...

He leaves as Rinne's dream is gaining closer to be fulfill.


~ The next day  ~

Riki POV

At the Battle Arena of WBMA,

Sumi : Riki! Look at this! *Holds up her phone and showing a news*

Riki : What? This is Rinne!

Kamon : What it said?

Riki : It said that just after Rinne Utau's first solo live, she ranked up to the top singer charts!

All : ?!

Yuki : Really?!

Riki : And she'll gonna sing overseas soon at Autumn season!

Ken : Congrats to her.

Garuburn : Rinne's dream will be fulfill soon, right?

Riki : That's great to Rinne, Rinne's dream had already made up. I wonder my dream will too?

Dracyan : What is your dream?

Riki : Well, that's unsure yet but -

I sure I'll find it soon!