Avant heim
Kanji 幻想種 "ファンタズマ"
Romaji Gensoushu "Fuantasuma"
First Appearance Fairy Tail Movie : Demon Lord Judgement

Phantasma (lit. "Illusion Type") are the second ranked race of the Sixteen Life Races.

It is also said that the sky kingdom, Septem Farbe, the floating land is a Phantasma. Like the other races, they all are in all dimensions and worlds but different cultures. Dark Mythicalia seems is the only one Phantasma that communiciate to people but not human-speaking, it used resonating to communicate to Luchia who as Black Percher though the story.


  • Derived from the word Phantasm.

Known Phantasma



  • Through the series, most of the phantasma are all islands.
  • Phantasma is not part of the Demon Lords, and the other is the Astronom Hares.
  • Phantasma is a clan from NO GAME NO LIFE.