Mystic Arte - Seraphic Cradle (セラフィー久 クレイドル Serafīku Kureidoru) is Luchia Merlia's Mystic Arte and available when in normal form.


Seraphic Cradle is a light element based Mystic Arte and used in wide-range attack. Luchia will holds up her right hand up and a light shines and form a orb into her palm. She later holds the orb in fist, put her hand on her chest and extended her right hand outwards and began to unsheathe her claymore from her scabbard. She later used her sword to pointed to her opponent, then began to occurring a huge hurricane of white feathers swarming though her opponents which end up being blown away.


Battle Quotes

Japanese Quote : 吾声を天国を届けるの羽変えてよ! セラフィー久 クレイドル!

Romanized Quote : Waga koe wo tenkoku wo todokeru no hane kaete yo! Serafīku Kureidoru!

English Quote : Turn my song into wings reaches the heaven! Seraphic Cradle!