Flugel reading a book
Kanji 天翼種 "フリューゲル"
Romaji Tenyokushu "Furyūgeru"
AKA Angel
Residences Avant Heim

The Flügels are the sixth ranked race of the Sixteen Life Races. Their homeland is Avant Heim, a floating city in the sky.


The kanji for their name can be read as angels, but Luchia noted that they are more alike to demons, as they hold powers of mass-destruction and massacred countless beings during the ancient war.

Flügels are ancient warriors created by the Old Deus Artosh to fight their wars for them. They still retain immortality as well as high magic ability. Due to their nature, Flügels tends to have violent thoughts and are condescending towards other races below them. Flügels began collecting knowledge all over Dimension by robbing the other races of their books and as Dimension is a world without printing technology, these robbed books were not easy to replace. When their homeland became stacked with books, the Flügels passed a law to share the books among themselves.


As the Flügels were created to kill gods, their very body can easily break physical limitation. Using their magical skills, they can teleport into anywhere they can see, or where they have visited. Also, their strongest attack, 'Airstrike', is formed by using their abilities, and powerful enough to destroy Elven Gards' magical barrier which was formed by 3000 Sprite magicians, and even damage to city itself.


  • They are the second divine existences created by the God after Divinity Clans.
  • Flügel means wing or wings in German
  • Being weapons of war, the Flügels are believed to not possess the emotion of love (or rather not truly able to grasp its meaning). They do seem to have the rest of the wide range of emotions.