- At Warrod's house -

Jellal : Warrod-san, I have a question.

Warrod : Let me hear it.

Jellal : Warrod-san knew this demon lord so surprisingly knew about Demon Lords well, and know that it will come to Earthland. Am i correct?

Warrod : I can't tell you that whether I'm an acquaintance to the Demon Lord, you can only asked the one who really closed to Demon Lord.

Kagura : There's other people knew that Demon Lord?!

Hibiki : It is quite a shocking information.

Warrod : I am also knew it from a friend of my friends. You will know sooner or later.

Natsu : There's also other people knew that lord?

Wendy : Natsu-san?

Gray : Don't tell me you're getting scared?

Natsu: Nah?! Not-Not at all!!! Come right at me, Demon Lord! Kakakakaka!!

Gray : Being scared is also allow too, Natsu.

Natsu : Gray...

Gajeel : Say the truth, we all scared, of course you too.

Natsu : Everyone ...

Sting : Natsu-san, don't worry. We have our comrades.

Rogue : Ah. We will win if our comrades and us won't lose.

Jura : Indeed.

Eric : ...

Jellal : Eric, what's wrong?

Eric : I can hear it.

Jellal : What is it?

Eric : Some of the people are beginning to scream.

Warrod : Umm... The judgement shall begin soon, I want you all go the [Fairy Tail]'s guild.

All : Nah?!

Orga : What do you mean?

Hibiki : Isn't to inform our other comrades?

Warrod : Don't worry about that.

Hibiki : Eh?

Warrod : I have also appointed the other mages from your guilds even Crime Sorcière, and the exact numbers should take the Demon Lord down.

Sherria : Don't tell me Warrod-san, you have chose the numbers of the mages shall battle?

Wendy : No way...

Sting : Warrod-san, at least let us choose out team-

Warrod : That won't be a problem either.

Sting : Eh?

Warrod : Because I have chose the best team combination from each of your guild. How to re-combine is up to her.

Jura : Her you said?

Natsu : Ohho!

Laxus : Old man, you saying...

Gray : For real?!

Gajeel : We could win then! Gihii!

Sherria : Wendy who is it?

Wendy : Ah... Well... um...

Natsu : Aw~right! Let's go back to the guilds and tell everyone about this!

All : Oh!

[Jellal : Demon Lord's advent... Warrod's knowledge of the Demon Lords... and the girl he named Mavis. Is there's a connection in them or should I think is there a connection to the Demon Lord to the [Fairy Tail]?]

- After they left -

Warrod : Oh Mavis... sunlight is getting dimmer, is it a sign of the advent or the disaster? If you gonna fight that person, I wonder who will win or should I said...

"Who shall survived? Mavis or ...... Luchia?"

- Back in [Fairy Tail]'s Guild -

Natsu : We're back!

Erza : Oh~ Kagura! and Jellal!

Juvia : Kyaa!!!! Gray-sama!!!!

Lyon : No good! I gonna get Juvia back to normal!

Yuka : You sure have some leisure time even we have an emergency meeting at here.

Toby : Growl!!!! [Fairy Tail]'s Guild!

Yuka : You also better be quiet.

Sorano : Yohoo! Jellal, Eric! Over here.

Yukine : Ah! Sting-sama, Rogue-sama! 

Sting : Eh? Yukino and Sorano are together?!

Sorano : What with that, is it better that me and my sister away from each other?

Sting : No not what I meant!

Ren : Yo! Hibiki, how its going over there?

Hibiki : Surprisingly terrified listening to the contents.

Eve : Um?

Lucy : Natsu, welcome back.

Natsu : Oh! I'm good to be back.

Laxus : Old gramps...

Gray : Master...

Makarov : You're back. Now you better start to tell what did you all hear from Warrod. Judging your looks, it must bad news.

All : *silent*

Makarov : About the Demon Lords?

All : Eh?!

Wendy : Master, did you know?!

Makarov : A little, from the First.

Gajeel : Umm... from the first?

Makarov : Let's hear the details. Jura, may you please.

Jura : My pleasure. Listen closely, this is ain't a game or normal fight, is a life in the battle field. We have an important mission.

Lucy : *groans* [Wonder what is it?]

- After explanations -

Lucy : *shocked*

Erza : Unbelievable. There were such a thing ....

Jura : Warrod-sama had ensure that the advent of the greatest terrors, one of the Demon Lords shall arrived to [Earthland]. Better be prepare.

Makarov : Um....

Mira : Master, what's wrong?

Makarov : As I expected.

Mira : Eh?

Makarov : Actually Mest saw a something...

Wendy : Mest-san was...

Mest : Ah, I don't know if anyone notice, but is very strange.

"This afternoon, I was outside at the building, on the rooftop.

Then there were tiny snowflakes like-black thing falling from the sky like snow.

It is hard to look at it because it too tiny.

They I saw the black thingy was flowing into every body, whether indoors or outdoors.

It seems no one notice. Of course mine also.

I went to more far away than Fiore, I also saw the same phenomena in Fiore.

No doubt the whole world is raining black snowflakes-like things and worst,

no one realized what is happening."

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