Everyone is Special Time!

Hibiki : Hello everyone! I'm Hibiki Tachibana.

Chris : Chris, Chris Yukine.

Tsubasa : Kazanari Tsubasa.

Hibiki : Tsubasa-san, Chrissie your introduction is too plain.

Chris : That's doesn't matter.

Tsubasa : Now let's get in to the show again. Let's welcome Ryugasaki and Day to the show.

Riki : Ano... Can't you don't call by our family name, I kinda feel weird.

Kamon : Hi Guys! We're back again.

Hibiki : Hey guys, nice to meet you two again! *Cheerful*

Riki : Hibiki-san looks great too.

Kamon : Thank for continued the show.

Hibiki : Not a big deal.

Chris : Can't we get into the real question now? *Get annoyed*

Tsubasa : Yeah. Cross Fight B-Daman EC just finished yesterday, can Ryugasaki and Day express your feelings to the audience?

Riki : Well that's .... Kinda... *Blush*

Kamon : One thing. Thank for reading/watching Cross Fight B-Daman EC everyone.

Chris : He sure is cheerily everytime.

Tsubasa : *Smile*

Riki : ?....

Tsubasa : What's wrong?

Riki  : No...Nothing just... Tsubasa-san somehow remind me about one of my friends. Even Chris-san also remind of me about one of them.

Chris : Hah?

Tsubasa : Really?

Riki : Um... But after the GP Final, they all went back to their home. I wonder we still can meet them again.

Tsubasa : You sure will.

Riki : Tsubasa-san....

Hibiki : Tsubasa-san right! And you won't need to wait for so long, you can meet them right now!

Riki / Kamon : Really?!?!?!

Hibiki : Um! Let's welcome~ Rinne Utau-chan and Millay Shiya-chan!!


Hibiki : Eh? No one come out? Hello there, is anybody there?

Chris : You surely an idiot, don't you?

Hibiki : Eh?

Tsubasa : The two friends you talking about, Utau and Shiya is absent for today show as for exchange they are preparing for the next season.

Riki / Kamon / Hibiki : EH?!?!? NEXT SEASON?!?!?!?!?!

Rurias : *Pop out of nowhere* *Giggles*

All : ?!

Riki : Rurias-san?!

Rurias : To be continued *Wink eyes*


Preview :

4 months had passed, after defeating Naga, our brave and best b-shots had get in to their new life.

Starting with the main protagonists Rinne and Millay, are a mysterious battle group more powerful and on a larger scale than anything in the series so far.

Interweaving new characters, new b-damans and a new story, the gears will be in a larger scale.

New enemies shall appear in the story.

And now .........

Riki : Rinne!

Rinne : Don't ever give up on living!!

Millay : You're truly an idiot!!

Samuru : Couldn't be....

Genjuro : What?! Is Season 2?!

Will be publish in the Autumn season of Japan.