Everyone! Is Special Time!

Riki : Hi guys, I'm Riki Ryugasaki.

Kamon : I'm Kamon Day.

Yuki : And the first guest is me, Yuki Washimura will help you in the show.

Riki : And one more important person, is-

Kamon/Yuki/Riki : Is the Author!            「  RuriasLorelei 

Rurias : Nice to meet'cha!

Riki : Rurias, why you want to made a fan fiction about B-daman?

Rurias : Of course, because I'm a fan of Cross Fight B-Daman, I always watch it repeatedly.

Kamon : Well its kinda sad, because Cross Fight B-Daman eS is the last and finale of the B-daman TV Series.

Rurias : But that way, the fans could know clearly than before about you all.

Yuki : She sure has a point and ~~ Back to question number 2! When we could see Rinne-chan their appearances?

Kamon : Yeah. I think the readers must be dying to see how they're look like.

Riki : Then where is their official appearance?

Rurias : Well, first thing first, I don't use mechanic drawing well because I still a middle schooler.

Riki : Um.

Rurias : And I got used to drawing on sketch book or papers.

Yuki : Um.

Rurias : I had already put Rinne, Millay, Rimai and Rin's appearance into a fan made wiki called Fandom B-daman Wiki.

Kamon : Really? I never heard of it.

Rurias : It just been created by last year December.

Yuki : It already a long time!

Rurias : And the wiki just got into the spotlight for three weeks ago.

Riki : Its must be difficult for you.

Rurias : Well, the wiki just starting to warming up. The wiki welcome all b-daman fans to share their thoughts about it.

Kamon : And what about the b-damans?

Rurias : Oh that, I just used the other anime's beasts or monster to my own story. I not good at drawing monster not to mention and boys too.

Yuki : Really? You're not good at it at all?

Rurias : Yeah, I'm kinda lazy to draw boys and sometimes the boys I draw may kinda girlish by looking.

Riki :  (     -_-III) Oh yeah. Well wish you good luck on that.

Rurias : *Bitter smile* Hahaha.

Yuki : Question number three, if your story get into the real anime world, what should you do?

Rurias : That will awesome, and I can use this chance to make more fan made anime about B-damans that created by the other users in Wattpad. Their stories sure is interesting.

~The bell ringing~

Riki: Oh the time almost finish.

Kamon : Thank for Yuki for his attendance in the first show.

Yuki : It my pleasure. Meet y'all next time!

Riki : And thank you for your information, Rurias. We sure know more a lots of Cross Fight B-Daman EC.

Rurias : I should thanking you for inviting me.

Riki  : Ok Everyone See you next time!

Together : Let's B-Fight!!!