~A few days later~

Kamon POV

Today is the last GP Series tournament, after this, the sixteen b-shots with the highest points can get into the Final GP Tournament.

Kamon : AW!!!!~ I'm All FIRED UP!!!

Riki : Mystery~!!!

Others : (0_0III)

Ryukai : These two ...

Ryuken : Just like usual.

Samuru : Hymp. *Smirk*

Novu : Aleh...Aleh... They sure are noisy.

Rimai : *Giggles* They sure are cheerily.

Millay : *sigh* He really still an idiot.

Rinne : He is. *Close eyes and smile*

Riki : Hey! Wait what did you said?

Millay / Rinne  : Nothing.

Riki : Mou! Tell me, I did heard you said something.

Millay / Rinne : Even though I did said, I won't tell it either because its your natural. *Tacit agreement*

Riki : Mou!~

Others : Hahaha~

Yuki : Those two were enemies now look at them, Tacit agreement.

Ken : You know, "Old enemies are in the past, now there is new friends".

Basara : Which means still that thing.

Drazeros : Friendship.

Bakuga : Friendship is formed by bonds, and -

Jenta : The one who bind us together is those two.

Tankshell : Two idiots who bring everyone together.

Raydra : Sure is a mystery.

Kamon : Wait! What are you guys talking about? I can't keep up!

Riki : Tell us!

All : We won't tell you! *Great Tacit agreement*

Kamon / Riki : Minna!!

All : Hahahaha~

~From the shadow that behind all of them~

Ixion : Tch! I'm gonna take you all down to the oblivion. *Anger*

Naga : With this anger, I can take out my little sister and her partner. Hymp.


"[B-Shot RYU] OKAY!!! EVERYONE let's start the preliminaries! B-SHOT! READY! AIM! FIREBLAST!!!!"

We all began to split up to get points.

Riki : Ah! There's two gold targets.

Ryukai : You think you can -

Samuru : Get it from us!

Riki / Ryukai / Samuru : AH!!!

??? / ??? : *Each Shot down one*

Riki : Eh?! / Ryukai / Samuru : ?!

Millay : Sorry about that , but -

Rinne : We not planning on losing.

Riki : We know.

Ryukai / Samuru : *Nod*

Misuru / Simon / Jenta : AH!!!

Bakuga / Novu / Rimai : AH!!!!

Hugo / Basara / Kamon : AH!!!!

Yuki / Ken / Ryuken : AH!!!!

That's right everyone is trying to get into the finals, so that's why I won't lose EITHER!!

「Ultimate God Drive!!」「Crank Up the heat, Ultimate Drive Garuburn!」

I got 30 points now. AW YEAH!

Riki : Mystery~

Samuru : To be worthy.

Ryukai : Let's keep the fire up, Helios!

Ryuken : Drago, show Helios your passionate flame too.

Rimai : Hydranoid, let's have some fun okay?

Millay : Dharak!

Rinne : *smirk* Wavern, us too.

Samuru : Dravise!

Basara : Drain away the light! Stream Drazeros!

Novu : Burn it all away! Force Dragren!

Bakuga : Raydra, show that -

Jenta : The B-Master's powers!

All : AHHHH!!!!!!

Kamon : Minna...

Riki : Everyone is having fun to each others

Garuburn : Kamon, such great friends we had.

Dracyan : Whether where they all came from, what the painful past that they been through and overcome it, and the bonds between b-damans and b-shots.

Riki : Bonds huh... It is a mystery~

~In the shadow seeing Riki them~

Ixion : Bonds? Its nothing than a trash. It just useless against battle. So they use that to battle then -

Naga : ...

Ixion : I'm gonna tear you all a part! *Anger*

Naga : This negative energy flowing into me, this could lead me to victory.


"[B-Shot RYU] Okay folks! The sixteen b-shots who get into the finals are set! Let's start the finals!"

"[Audience] OH!!!"

"[B-Shot RYU] But the battle of the matches will be change totally!"

Riki : The matches gonna be change? Really?

Yuki : Still another surprise from Granpa.

Bakuya : So this is another special tournament?

Novu : The battle of the matches will gonna change into a new format huh...

Jenta : This surely the new challenge we all up against.

"[B-Shot RYU] The new battle called - "Battle Royale!!!!!"

Samuru : Battle ...

Ryukai : Royale?

Sumi : Battle Royale does mean is a fight involving three or more combatants that is fought until only one fighter remains standing right?

Misuru : That totally mess up my mind!!!

Millay : The battle could be that the b-shots of the first round will begin and fight in Battle Royale until 4 b-shots remain. Then the second round does the same.

Rimai : Then the remain 8 b-shots will begin another battle royale until 4 left and then again in the Semi finals. Isn't it

"[B-Shot RYU] That's right! The remains b-shot in each round can get into the finals, the two remaining b-shots will compete in DX Break Bomber 7 Maximum Size and the theme for the Battle Royale is - Get 100 points from the battle field!"

Riki : AH?! 100 -

Kamon : Points?!

Millay : Hymp! *smirk* Let's me tell you all something, you all can't beat us. This is our stage, no , our territory.

Rinne : This is our advantage. We are the one who definitely get into the finals for sure.

Dravise : Why you so confident?

Dharak : Because Millay and Rinne are ...

Wavern : The Champions in Battle Royale, even getting 1000 points, they surely can get into the finals.

Riki : Mystery~

Rinne : So keep on.

Millay : We're gonna go full power. Don't hold back.

Basara : Of course.

Millay / Rinne : *Smile*

Millay : So we'll be waiting.

They both leave the room, things are getting more interesting, "I'm all fired up!"

None POV

"[B-Shot RYU] Now let's start the first round, the b-shots who are competing is Riki Ryugasaki, Millay Shirley, Rin Shirotama, Samuru Shigami, Bakuga Shira, Hugo Raidoh, Yuki Washimura, Simon Sumiya! Let's start the call! B-Shot! Ready! Aim!"

"[All] FIREBLAST!!!!!!!"

All : *spread out to collect points*

Riki : Ah! Dracyan! There!

Dracyan : A gold target!

Riki : Okay! Let's go! Dracyan!

When Riki can shot down the target, someone did before him.

??? : *Shot down the gold target*

Riki : Eh?!

Dracyan : Who got it?

Millay : I got it. Is there anything wrong?

Riki : Millay!

Millay : I've told you that I'm the champion of Battle Royale here, there's no way I could lose now.

Riki : Um. That's right. So that's why I gonna fight you with full power! *Smile*

Millay : *Blush * Ah! ... Um... Hymp! You better ... get into the finals or I won't forgive you! *Blush*

Riki : Um!

Millay ran away to collect more points.

Riki : Still 0 point. Dracyan...

Dracyan : Yes. Let's don't lose to them too.

Riki : Um!


Raydra : Bakuga! Over there!

Bakuga : Huh?

Raydra : There's many of targets over there, let's first get them all.

Bakuga : Okay!

When Bakuga is about to fire, someone join in.

Dravise : Mind of we -

Samuru : Join in?

Bakuga : Samuru... Sure.

Two of ready to fire but -

??? : 「Shining Black!」

Hit down all targets.

Bakuga : That shot...

Rinne : Got 32 points.

Wavern : Is a nice start.

Samuru : Rinne and Wavern.

Wavern : My apologies. But we -

Rinne : Have our own reason can't lose here now. *Serious*

Bakuga : What?

Wavern : Rinne. Move on to the next target location.

Rinne : *Leave*

Raydra : Bakuga, did you realized Rinne's action?

Dravise : She seems like she had decided something.

Samuru : Could it be...

Wavern : Rinne, you really think you sure you want to do this?

Rinne : Do what?

Wavern : About the fight between my brother...

Rinne : ...

Wavern : Rinne, you don't have to. This just between me and brother, I don't want you to be drive into this too just like Raine was ...

Rinne : I decided not just because you and Naga, and also for everyone.

Wavern : ?

Rinne : Curtiss, he does things ignoring the important of lives and feelings, Naga too. That's why I want to made them realized the importance. So there's no reason that not  to fight them.

Wavern : Rinne .... *You really do resembles Raine which bring me back the sad memories we all had been through. Now, I still drive you two into this mess.*


"[B-Shot RYU] Alright! Folks! Let's me show you the current results! 15 minutes had passed and the first comparator who got 100 points get the ticket to the finals. Is Comparator Rin Shirotama, who still made a surprise appearance to the battle, next is Comparator Millay Shiya and Dharak, the b-shot who good at control and she controls the field well in the battle.

Then is Comparator Riki Ryugasaki and Samuru Shigami, just we have expected, what a tournament just without them. Now let's start the second round! And the b-shots who competing is Kamon Day, Jenta Kokuji, Basara Kurochi, Novu Moru, Ken Ogami, Ryukai Kuromi, Ryuken Kouno and ! - "

All : ?

Kamon : Huh?!


"[Audience] OH!!!!!"

Ixion : *Showed up*

Riki : Ixion ...

Rinne : Curtiss...

Ixion : *Smirk* Hymp.

All : ...

Preview :

Riki : Kamon, make sure you get into the finals!

Kamon : Um! Just don't want anything to happen though. *Depressed*

Riki : Like Ixion did to Rinne before?

Kamon : Yeah.

Sumi : C'mon! Will you two cut the heavy/sad aura that surrounding you! There is something more important!

Riki : Sumi?!

Kamon : More important?

Sumi : Look there!

Riki : Mystery~

Together : Next Time! Emblem Charge!! B-Fight!!!