Divinity Clan (神威族 Kami'izoku, lit. "God's Authority Clan") is a humanoid-God race that was created by Deus Samuel Mathers and ranked three in the Exceed.


A Divinity Clan was described as a child of the God since the Divinity Clans were created by the God itself. A Divinity Clan's other name is "The one who kill God" (殺神者 Satsujinsha), which also meant to slay the other gods who interfere Deus Samuel Mathers.

Their normal form is a human but in their real form, their hairs become white or silver. Their powers will be more powerful than their normal form, it stated that it won't have limit to their powers but depend on the size of the vessel (body) and abilities they possessed. Most of them can takes from others and assume the form which make them to have more than one form.

Their true forms bear great resemblances to similar races such as Malaks/Seraphims which introduced in Tales of Berseria/Zestiria and even similar transformation as well, Armatization.

Known Divinity Clans

Tales of Graces ƒ : ReMaster

Standard Abilities

  • Divinity Form - Which is said to be their true and strongest form.
  • Divine resistance - according to the nature of its essence and huge levels of divine powers, the Divinity Clans have a strong resistance to all forms of natural and supernatural influences.
  • Physical Invincibility - being materialized concepts Divinity Clan can not be destroyed by conventional physical attacks such damage caused to them is insignificant and irrelevant.
  • Giving divinity - the ability to give a part of his/her divine powers to other creatures, thus increasing the level of their divine energy that is accompanied by increased capacity of the main characteristics, special abilities and all forms of resistance.
  • Divinity Bearer - a vessel within each Divinity Clans, which helped their stored their personal and other abilities. But their are limited, some of them can carried more than ten Divinities, but some only can carried one or two. The ones who carried Divinity more than hundred are another class of it, they are noted as God.


  • Divinity Clans are the only one which can overwhelmed and take over a Demon Lord, for an exceptional, Mavis, who abilities come nearly to a Celestial Spirit or either Divinity Clan, which allow her to take over one too.