Alternate Form (交替姿態 Koutai'Shitai) is a more strongest form than the user's normal form which allows them to become ultimate in various forms.


Alternate Form can draw out the true potential of the Divinity Clans. When ever they tapped into the form they owned, their strength, offense, defense, agility, endurance will raised up tremulously and not to mentioned their appearance and their personality will change slightly. There will be a dress or raiment is the their armor or clothing created by their power which is call Astral Arnament or Divine Arnament (神威武装 Shin'i Busou). They seem to be very durable, despite their looks.

They only could manifesting the dress and succeed of their obtained their personal Ultimate Divinity. For those who took over one of the Demon Lords, their Astral Dress most of all will also resemble the one from the originals.

List of known Arnaments

  • Inno Nero Della Morte (終焉の黒賛歌(インノネロ・デラー・モルテ) , Inno Nero derā morute [Shūen no Koku Sanka]) - Luchia Merlia : Achieved transformation of Demon Lord Black Percher
  • Antica Fiamma Di'Dio (上帝の古代炎(アンティカ・フィアンマ・ディディオ) , Antika Fianma di Dio [Jōtei no Kodai Honoo])- Leticia Framsly : Achieved transformation of Demon Lord Chimera
  • Vampir Aloy'Nochi (緋色夜の吸血鬼(ヴァムピール・アロイノシュゥ) , Vamupīru Aroī Noshuu [Hī'iro Yoru no Kyūketsuki]) - Mavis Vermilion : Achieved transformation of Demon Lord Dhampir
  • Déesse Qui'tue Legend (伝説を殺す女神(ディエース・キュユ・レジェン) , Diēsu Kyuyu Rejen [Densetsu wo Korosu Megami]) - Yoruka Valge Tigris : Achieved transformation of Divine Black Night Goddess


  • Luchia's Astral dress is the Italian for "Black Hymn of Demise/Death".
  • Leticia's Astral Dress is the Italian language for "Ancient Flame of God/Creator".
  • Mavis's Astral Dress is the Russian for "Vampire of Scarlet Night".
  • Yoruka's Astral Dress is the French language for "Goddess who kills Legend".
  • Mavis is the only human who can received an Alternate Form.
  • Demon Lord Form is somehow similar of a Take Over Magic.